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Additional Resources

1.  The MANAGE Program (Measuring, Analyzing, Navigating, and Achieving Goals Effectively) & Farm Gauge
          a.  University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture/UT Extension
          b.  All 3: Individualized farm and financial planning assistance along with workshops.

2.  Center for Farm Financial Management
          a.  University of Minnesota
          b.  All 3:  Apps, software, training - improving the financial management abilities of farmers

3.  Kansas Farm Management Association
          a.  Kansas State University/Kansas Extension
          b:  All 3: provide members with production and financial management information for use in farm and family decision making

4.  The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP)
          a.  Texas A&M University Dept of Agricultural Economics
          b.  All 3: equipping agribusiness leaders to develop professional management practices, improve family communication, and provide a path forward for business growth, transition, and succession planning.

5.  FARMVA (Farm Agricultural Resources & Mediation of Virginia)
          a.  Western Carolina University and Western Carolina's College of Business
          b.  1 & 2: FARMVA provides mediation services to Virginia residents to resolve disputes with the USDA. Family farm transitions, Farming family divorces, and Tenant disputes in multifamily housing

6.  Farm Financial Resources
          a.  Ag Econ Extension at Oklahoma State University
          b.  Resources for all 3

7.  Agriculture Economics Extension & Kentucky Farm Business Management Program (KFBM)
          a.  University of Kentucky Extension
          b.  All 3:  KFBM services include assisting member farmers with tracking financial performance, determining the profitability of individual enterprises, improving management practices, setting business and personal goals, and making sound management decisions.The KFBM Program's design also helps improve farm management on non-member Kentucky farms by providing factual economic information about Kentucky farms for use in research, teaching, and extension.

8.  Minnesota Farm Business Management / AgCentric
          b. - Free FMB program