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Shenandoah County Sustainable Farm Demonstration

This project is designed to demonstrate long term sustainable farming practices at the Shenandoah County Farm. This is a full systems approach that integrates all aspects of long-term farmland sustainability.  Sustainable in this context has three distinct meanings. 

First, the farm demonstrations will showcase farming practices that are environmentally sound.  A multitude of Best Management Practices (BMPs) will be installed and practiced to showcase environmentally-sound agriculture. 

Second, the farm will be sustainable from the viewpoint of farm profitability.  Farmers cannot stay in business without being profitable.  This demonstration is being carried out by the farmer who is leasing the land.

Finally, the farm will be sustainable from the viewpoint of the landowner.  Often landowners will not invest in fencing, building repair, or BMPs because of a lack of certainty that they will recover their investment from land rent.  This project will integrate all of the agricultural lands on the Shenandoah County Farm (approximately 150 acres) into this Sustainable Farm Demonstration.


Natural Resources Conservation Service
Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District
Shenandoah County - Industry with Plenty
Valley Conservation Council